Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex didn’t hesitate in expressing his distaste for Jay Z’s Life + Times website during a recent radio broadcast. With plans of “keeping it 1000 today,” Flex accused the Life + Times website of stealing the idea for his DJ Funk Flex app for an app of their own.

The radio host went on to share the story of when he was approached for an interview by the Jay Z-owned site. He says he was asked specific questions about his app and when the interview was published, his answers to those particular questions weren’t featured.

“A couple years ago, I dropped that DJ Funk Flex app,” Funkmaster Flex said. “I get an email from a writer at Life + Times, the website. They want to talk to me about my digital involvement and write a story. First of all, I salute the young man who wrote the story. I appreciate the love, but bruh I’mma tell you something. I peeped back then when they was using a writer outside that did not work for the website. And that website is trash by the way. And I figured I’d say that trash so you take me serious on where I’m going. They do this interview after I drop my app. Asking me a lot of key questions about apps, building apps, how, why, how’d you launch it. But all of that didn’t get put in the story though. A lot of that information got put into that new Jay Z app.”

In addition to accusing Life + Times of stealing the idea for their app, Funkmaster Flex also labeled the website “trash.” He later explained that he planned on letting his grievances with Life + Times go, but was recently approached by the publication about his involvement with the Dipset reunion.

“I get an email today from the Life + Times website,” he said. “Your website is trash by the way. Doing no numbers, zero…We fast-forward to today. My assistant gets an email. ‘We would like to do a story about your involvement in the Dipset reunion’…You know my involvement…I don’t understand how somebody can ask me from that site about my involvement in the Dipset reunion. But when I used to go out to the 40/40 I was told not to play any Dipset records. I’m so confused.”

Funkmaster Flex’s on-air rant can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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