Mobb Deep lyricist Prodigy recently caught up with to speak on his contributions to the Marvis Johnson-directed film, A Talent For Trouble.

According to the Queens, New York rapper, he helped in producing the film and also has a small role in the movie. Prodigy later revealed that A Talent For Trouble has the potential to be “a little cult comedy.”

“I agreed to help him produce it and I took a small role in it,” Prodigy said. “I ain’t really acting. I’m just playing myself in the studio. But it has some good acting. Hassan Johnson did his thing. Roman [Rivera], he’s a good comedian. He did his thing, man. It’s definitely like a little cult comedy.”

Both Prodigy and A Talent For Trouble’s director, Marvis Johnson spoke on the delay releasing the film. During the interview, Johnson revealed that there were issues with investors, and those behind the film ultimately had to pick up the budget on their own.

As a result of the film’s delays and investor troubles, Prodigy explained that remaining focused was vital.

“This film right here, it took a long time to do, man. We been making it for a long time,” the Mobb Deep rapper said. “Little by little over the years. So, that was one of the challenges. Just staying focused and remembering that we got a job to complete. When I seen the first rough edits of it I was just—I enjoyed a lot of the comedy. The spontaneous comedy. A lot of it wasn’t written. So, that was cool. Just to see that come off the screen and people can actually connect with it and enjoy it. That was kind of cool, man.”

A Talent For Trouble is currently scheduled for release on April 4, 2015. Stars of the film include Hassan Johnson, Roman Rivera, and Mekhi Phifer.