Although Queens, New York rapper Cormega criticized his fellow New York emcees over their sound during an interview with Rethunk, he did give credit to Joey Bada$$ for representing the sound of Brooklyn, New York with his music.

While speaking on the Pro Era lyricist, Cormega compared the rapper to Brooklyn rap group, Black Moon. He later revealed that Joey Bada$$ is one of the newer artists he’s willing to collaborate with.

“You hear New York rappers that have production that sounds like they’re Southern artists,” Cormega said. “Or accents from their voice that sounds like they’re Southern artists. And that I don’t respect because your accent is a direct reflection of where you’re from. A lot of the new artists—I’m really impressed with Joey Bada$$. When you hear him he reminds me of early Black Moon. So, when you hear him you hear Brooklyn. So, I respect that. And you can tell he also studied from the greats…I respect that he can really freestyle. And I respect his enthusiasm towards rhyming. I admire that in any emcee. So, when I seen that it made me feel refreshed. Like I like that. So, I would definitely—I wouldn’t mind working with him. There’s a few people that I wouldn’t mind working with, but out of the younger artists I definitely have a newfound respect for him.”

Prior to speaking on Joey Bada$$ and New York Hip Hop, Cormega gave credit to the determined emcees out there who would rather make an effort to solidify their legacies rather than just “sit there.”

“Determination is what separates the achievements from the dreams,” he said. “Every emcee comes in with that ‘I wanna be the best’ or sticking their chest out feeling that they’re a good emcee. And then it becomes a point where some of us, a light clicks on in us and we want more than that. We just want to be great. We want to leave legacies. And nobody’s gonna give it to you. You can either sit there and wait for something or you can go and claim yours. And I’m motivated by that.”

Cormega’s interview with Rethunk can be found below.

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