RZA was at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to check out the latest gadgets and to promote Wu-Tang Bombotix speaker.

He sat down with The Verge to give more details on the Wu-Tang Clan’s pay scale.

“I put myself on the lower tier,” RZA says, “because I don’t agree with the concept. I said, let’s go with the lower tier, and I’ll stay here for a year, and you upper-tier guys go get yours.”

RZA goes on to say the pay scale hasn’t worked because the upper tier hasn’t been satisfied.

“The upper tier started wanting to go a little upper,” he says. “There’s no end to it once you start something like that.”

He says that he hopes the pay scale ends soon because he sees all the members of the Wu-Tang Clan as equals. However, he wants to respect the process.

“It’s a democracy so I go with the votes,” he says.

In November, RZA spoke with HipHopDX first about the pay scale.

“When it penetrated I was like, ‘Yo, that really don’t make no sense,’” he said. “In that case just give me the most money. If you wanna just go stupid like that. But what I’ma do with that?”

RZA also discusses the secret Wu-Tang album, The Wu: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. He confirms that the highest offer was $5 million, but Wu-Tang Clan has given the album to auction house Paddle8.

“These are a group of guys that see the vision of what we’re doing,” he says. “They respect the idea of music being returned to art. That’s the most important thing about anything we do. If you collaborate with somebody that understands your vision, then the vision can be achieved.”

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