Shortly after Lil Wayne sent out a series of tweets expressing his frustration with Cash Money, Vlad TV caught up with Long Beach, California rapper KXNG Crooked to get his thoughts on Weezy calling out his label home.

Prior to Vlad revealing that sources close to Lil Wayne who are normally quick to shoot down false stories went quiet after being asked about Wayne’s tweets, Crooked share his belief that those at Cash Money were going to say the rapper was hacked.

The Slaughterhouse emcee then stated that if the tweets were in fact sent from Lil Wayne then those at Cash Money need to do whatever’s necessary to “make Wayne happy.” He says the label should focus on making the rapper content since he helped in taking the label “to a whole ‘nother dimension.”

“I hope they do the right thing and make Wayne happy,” KXNG Crooked said. “If that’s true I think they should do the right thing because Wayne kept that label going. 400 Degreez took him to another universe. When Juvenile dropped that they went to a whole ‘nother planet. When everything start falling out with the—We all know the story. And B.G. is one of my favorite artists from the South. But when everything start falling apart, Wayne stepped up. And Wayne, he took that label to a whole ‘nother dimension. With great music. So, I just think—I’m a loyalty guy. Loyalty is royalty to me. You talking to a guy who’s very loyal about everything that I do and the people that I love and I deal with and I do business with…Whatever’s gonna make Wayne happy, they should do.”

Late last year, Lil Wayne caught many by surprise when he sent out the following message in a handful of tweets:

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it. This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation. I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy. I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u.”

All parties involved have remained relatively silent about Lil Wayne’s status with Cash Money. In late December, TMZ did report that Lil Wayne is allegedly seeking legal action in order to be dropped from the label.

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