With Lupe Fiasco’sTetsuo & Youthalbum out this month, the rapper released his latest single “Adoration of the Magi” yesterday. Shortly after the drop, Philly emcee GrandeMarshall caught wind that the new Lu track features a slightly updated version of a DJ Dahi beat he rapped over more than two years ago.

GrandeMarshall sent out a couple Tweets mostly shrugging off the incident before reposting a picture Lupe Tweeted months earlier, a move the Chicago emcee took as a slight given a follow-up Tweet alluding to a conflict with his Muslim faith. The two rappers went on to engage in a back-and-forth that seems to have been mostly resolved before DJ Dahi quietly settled the issue with his own separate Tweets apparently siding with Lupe.

Listen to and compare both tracks below:

For additional Lupe Fiasco coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

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