In a recent interview with HipHopDX, King Los aired out his frustrations regarding communication in Hip Hop today.

During the conversation, the Baltimore lyricist questioned the access in today’s culture and expressed his disproval with not being able to reach those on a “higher level.”

“We’ve become so elusive because the allure of being unavailable is sexy in our culture,” King Los says during a recent recording session at Hollywood’s West-One Productions studio. “You can’t talk to Jay [Z], you can’t call Jay right now. You can’t. I don’t give a fuck if you know him, you can’t talk to Jay. And it’s so funny, man — I got to talk to this guy, to talk to this guy, to talk to this guy, to talk to this guy, to not even ever talk to you, man. In all honesty, I will never fucking talk to you. Lets be real. Let’s be honest, man. Are you going to take five minutes out of your day to actually talk to me so we can really figure out the miscommunications that are happening? Nah. Hip Hop has no communication. So the fact that we have no communication means everybody is fucking broke except for the people that run this shit.

“I can’t reach nobody on the higher level, that just won’t ever happen,” King Los adds. “I had dudes walk me in to meetings. Getting in to Universal or any label, yo, those buildings are more secure than muthafucking federal courthouses. You can’t get in them buildings. You need a badge, check in — you have to go through levels of shit. Who’s signing niggas Barack [Obama]? [Laughs] Who is signing niggas, bro? You can walk straight up in to some federal shit and take a piss. This shit is nuts, bro — you can’t get in BET! It ain’t that easy. You go up in that muthafucka and see it’s a fucking plantation up [in] that bitch. Shit is crazy, bro. And it’s like, ‘Why are these buildings impenetrable?’ [Laughs] Why can’t I have a fucking meeting with the person that I really need to talk to? Why are the lines of communication so separate? Why?”

In a story published last week, King Los named Jay Z and Andre 3000 as the last rappers to be lyrically incredible while still appealing to the masses.