While speaking with TMZ recently, former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight congratulated Lil Wayne on expressing his indifference with his current label, Cash Money Records. After congratulating Wayne on “being free,” Suge was then asked if he has any plans on picking Lil Wayne up.

He revealed that he has no plans on picking the rapper up and added that at this time it’s about having Lil Wayne’s back. Suge then briefly addressed Young Money artist Drake, stating that the singer/rapper won’t have any worries if he stays down with Wayne.

“Double shouts out to Lil Wayne for being free,” Suge said. “Lil Wayne is somebody I got a lot of love for and a lot of respect for. It ain’t about picking him up it’s about having his back. Cause of Wayne, most people got they passes. So, they better [patch] it up. And Drake, as long as you stay down with Wayne, you ain’t gotta worry about the last dance with the dancer.”

Prior to speaking on Lil Wayne’s situation, Suge revealed his plans to release a movie and a book in 2015. He says the new year will also mark “the year for getting even.”

After being asked about a Tupac documentary that aired earlier this year, Suge explained that it’s time for “the real Tupac fans to be real Tupac fans.”

“I’m gonna make sure everybody get their justice,” he said. “This the year for business. This the year for my book. This the year for the movie. And this the year for getting even. I’m on my way…I think it’s about time for the real Tupac fans to be real Tupac fans. If they real Tupac fans they’ll be way more aggressive. So, if you really a Tupac fan you gon’ speak on it and be aggressive.”

Over the past year, Suge has addressed the late Tupac Shakur on numerous occasions. In May, the former CEO shared his belief that Tupac is still alive, during an interview with TMZ.

“Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one killed Tupac…Because Tupac not dead,” Suge said in May of this year. “Tupac not dead, nigga. If he was dead they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island somewhere.”

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