While on the road with his Seen It All tour, Jeezy spoke with Civil TV about a possible collaborative album with fellow Atlanta rapper T.I. During the newly released conversation, Young Jeezy described the tentative project with T.I. as a “best of both hoods” type of situation.

“As far as me and Tip, we always talked about doing a lot of things,” the former Young Jeezy says. “When we do get together and we kick it, we just happen to record a lot. I’m still on the road on the tour right now, I think he’s doing some other things [so when I come off] we’re just gonna sit down and really figure out what makes sense.

“I’m definitely already working on a new album,” he continues. “As far as the group album, [it’s] something I’ve never really done before. It’s almost like the best of both hoods type of thing. What he does and what I bring to the table are like two different things but musically they’re kind of equivalent. [It’s] more so having the time to get it done [and] making sure it’s right. If I’ve got anything to do with it you know it’s going to be hard as a muthafucka.”

Jeezy Says There Should Be “No Free Kills”

Elsewhere, while reflecting on the recent string events in Ferguson, Missouri, Jeezy asserted his view that there should be “no free kills” and emphasizes the need for accountability. He subsequently questions how the situation would have played out had the roles been reversed, with it being a Black police officer and a White male.

“My Grandma used to always tell me [that] you can push somebody to the breaking point and they [will] just erupt and explode,” Jeezy says. “I think that’s what’s happening to us as a people [and] as a culture. They’re pushing us against the wall to see how we react. I feel like with the whole Mike Brown situation [and] the kid who got killed in Cleveland, the timing of them is one of those situations where we’re being tested… There shouldn’t be no free kills. I often think about it and I thought about it today: what if it would have been a Black officer and a White kid? What would be the difference? I’m quite sure there would be something different about the whole situation.

“The whole thing about how the verdict played out, I just think us as a people, we just looking at it different,” Jeezy continues. “We’re not looking at it as it used to be respect, if you do a crime you do the time. They doing crime and they ain’t doing no time. We do crime we got to go to jail for real. They do things and it’s like they are connected with all these different people and they get off.”

Jeezy’s Seen It All tour is scheduled to finish tomorrow (December 5) at the Revolution Center in Boise, Idaho.

Jeezy’s full conversation with Civil TV can be viewed below:

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