After sounding off about his prediction for the upcoming Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle earlier this week, Gillie Da Kid breaks down the origins of his beef with Soulja Boy in a new interview segment released as a part of today’s DX Daily.

“These rappers get caught out here fraud: fake money, fake jewelry,” Gillie said. “I’m all the way in Philadelphia and I seen this shit going on in Philadelphia with the fake jewelry. So I went and bought a diamond tester and I started the DTC challenge. The diamond tester challenge. So any time I see a rapper I pull that motherfucker out and I say, ‘Let’s do the challenge.’ And if you say, ‘No.’ I wanna know why because you have diamonds on. So why wouldn’t you want to do the diamond tester challenge? You feel me? And that got really big where I’m from because a lot of rappers stopped wearing their shit because if we bump into Gillie he’s gonna ask  us to do the challenge. And how I do it is I just set you up. I pull my phone out and say, ‘Yeah, what’s up man? I’m sitting here with my nigga. We about to do this diamond tester challenge.’ Now what are you gonna do? The camera’s already running. What are you gonna say? So a lot of people stopped wearing their shit.

“So, Soulja Boy got caught posing with some fake money,” Gillie continued. “Somebody atted me, and said, ‘Damn Gillie, Soulja Boy got caught out there. He might have to do this diamond tester challenge.’ I look, I said, ‘Damn.’ It was fake money. I said, ‘Damn, that’s crazy.’ Next thing I know, he was on my Twitter talking about he was gonna pistol whip me. Now who really could believe some shit like that?”

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