As a result of a lawsuit filed against 50 Cent by Sleek Audio, the Queens, New York rapper’s personal bank account has reportedly been frozen.

According to TMZ, 50’s bank account was frozen after he chose not to pay a $17.2 million judgement made to Sleek.

In April of this year, 50 Cent was ordered to pay approximately $17 million after losing a lawsuit filed by the electronics company. Sleek filed their lawsuit against 50 last year when a partnership between the two failed to come to fruition.

The G-Unit helmsman, who reportedly invested $1 million in Sleek, was to start a line of headphones with the company, but ultimately collaborated with another company on his Sync By 50 headphones.

According to Sleek’s lawsuit, in addition to partnering with another company and releasing a product “basically the same design” as his failed collaboration with Sleek, 50 Cent was accused of “breaching his confidentiality agreement with Sleek” and “participating in a civil conspiracy.”

Despite 50’s personal bank account being frozen, an attorney for the rapper informed TMZ that they are currently appealing the Sleek Audio judgment.

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