Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg fired back at comments rapper LL Cool J made recently with a bizarre, on-air freestyle. While recording a drop for Hot 97 recently, the Queens, New York rapper called Rosenberg “a meatball.”

“Rosenberg, meatball. You a meatball, man. Let’s just get that out the way,” LL Cool J said.

Before airing Rosenberg’s freestyle, fellow Hot 97 host Ebro Darden offered a disclaimer to listeners.

“When Rosenberg starts rapping, he cannot control himself. It always goes left,” Ebro said.

Rosenberg then proceeded to drop a handful of brief freestyles. In one freestyle he called LL “a pretty hoe” and declared that his own rhymes were “getting gay.”

“I tell you one thing, you a pretty hoe / I’ll treat you like that / Take you home and them I’m gonna try to give you dome / Woah, that isn’t what I meant to say / Wow, I guess these rhymes are getting gay / But that’s cool LL you don’t want it,” Rosenberg rapped.

Armed with a new beat, the radio host continued his freestyle as he rapped, “LL, they should call you L-L-L / Cause all you do is lose / Like Sam Cassell, I come through with my team and we do it well like your song ‘Doin It’ / You ain’t doing shit / I dare you to step to me you’ll catch a clip / Get a bullet to your body and face.”

LL Cool J has yet to respond to Rosenberg’s freestyle.

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