Fresh off the release of his new Designer EP, Inglewood, California emcee Thurz stopped by HipHopDx and explained his intentions with the project.

Speaking about his expanding musical palette in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily, the former U-N-I rapper detailed the EP’s instrumentation and move towards a wider soundscape. 

“With Designer music [I] take all my experiences and that of my peers and I just tailor cut it for the world,” he said. “It’s no parameters to the soundscape. With this particular project we were really pushing the envelope on what people knew me for. We had a lot of fun, brought in all the homies to play different instruments on different records, really take the time to make each record grand. We had a lot of fun, proud of it, ready for the world to listen to it.

“Each project I kind of don’t know what to expect from myself,” he added when asked about his artistic growth. “I’m always trying to push it and I always want the listener to be surprised at what they hear but still happy with what they hear.”

Breaking down his favorite track on the album and touching on the more than three-year gap in releases that preceded his latest, Thurz described the new EP’s opening track as a sort of reintroduction to fans.

“I’d say, ‘Right Now,'” he said of the EP’s most important song. “My last project was L.A. Riot that I put out. With ‘Right Now’ it gives a lot of commentary and insight into my own life and it doesn’t lose that original listener. It takes that listener on a ride and kind of makes them comfortable with the growth that we doing musically because it’s uncommonness. It’s not regular. It’s not anything that’s out. It just makes that original listener comfortable with knowing I’m still rapping my butt off but I’m still not gonna be boxed into one sound with this project.  It’s a lot of growth on there, a lot of great music. You can dance to it and it’s still bars. It’s still fun.”

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