Krayzie Bone and Yak Boy Fresh say their “Scraping The Sky” collaboration stemmed from a mutual friend. 

“I came into L.A. for my homie Craig,” Yak Boy Fresh says during an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX on the set of the music video for the cut. “He called me and he was like, ‘Man, dude, I’m doing this stuff with Krayzie Bone.’ I was like, ‘Word? I been bumping him. Link us up!’ He was like, ‘Come on!’ So me and my manager got on a plane [with] no hesitation. We came, we went to his personal studio, he came in there, I showed him a couple of my records and instantly he was like, ‘Fuck it. Let’s work.’ We sat in there for about 10 hours and came up with record, man.”

Krayzie Bone reiterated how the collaboration came about and recalls his initial reactions to when he first heard Yak Boy’s music. 

“Through my dude Craig,” Krayzie Bone says. “I been working with him on movie projects. He was like, ‘Yo, there’s this cat, he from St. Louis, man. He’s dope. He’s got a nice little following here in the city. You should check him out.’ I was like, ‘Cool,’ because he said he was about to come out to L.A. so I was like, ‘Bring him out here and let’s see what we can do.’ 

“He came to the lab and played me his music and I was like, ‘Yo, this dude is a star,’” Bone continues. “So I’m like, ‘Shit, let’s work. Let’s get in it [and] let’s get this shit out to the people, man.’ That’s what we doing right now and we came up with this song. This song is crazy, man. [We] making it happen, for real.”

Director Michael Vaughn Says The Record Is All About Southern California

Discussing the record and the accompanying visuals, video director Michael Vaughn says the track is all about highlighting the Californian lifestyle.

“The idea pretty much is all about Southern California,” he says. “It’s the sunny life. It’s the beautiful city. It’s the big, gigantic buildings. Right now we’ve got a lot of shots on the rooftops [and] we got a lot of shots around the city. [We] really just wanna highlight the Cali life.”

“I actually met Yak Boy on another production I was directing,” Michael Vaughn continues. “He called me up [and] said, ‘Hey, I got this beautiful song that’s all about California. It’s all about the summer.’ He let me hear the track and I loved it. I fell it love with it. I was like, ‘Hey, let’s do it. Next time you’re in California we’ll link up, we’ll shoot it.’ He came over this weekend and we kind of banged it out over the course of a day. Got a lot of good shots and a lot of good energy so I’m glad everyone came to chip in and help out.”