When asked about artists like 50 Cent and Jay Z entering into the boxing industry during an interview with BET.com, professional boxer Bernard Hopkins revealed that it’s a change that he welcomes.

According to Hopkins, 50 Cent and Jay Z’s work in the boxing industry “puts pressure on the big dogs” to step their game up. He added that it also brings “big and important boxing” to the industry and helps foster future superstars.

“I think anyone that comes in the game puts pressure on the big dogs to step they game up even further,” Bernard Hopkins said in a video posted on AllHipHop.com. “To bring big and important boxing. And from a local level to build up future superstars. Anyone that gets in there. Roc Nation, they in the game right now. They put skin in the game big time. So, anyone that gets in the game sincerely to enhance what we have already, I’m all for it. Because to me, no promoter, not one promoter should run boxing. Fighting should have an outlet to go to the best representation that they can get…So, I think that it’s a great thing because if you’re not in the game sincerely—Just like any store that opens up. You say ‘Man, that store closed already?’ You will shut down real quick because the industry will eat you alive. Some fighters will eat you alive. So, I welcome it.”

Hopkins’ commentary comes months after Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports announced that it would soon make boxing “a huge priority.” The company also hired boxing veteran, David Itskowitch as the COO of its boxing division.

“This is a serious business for us moving forward, and Dave has one of the great reputations in the boxing industry,” Michael Yormark, the president and chief of branding and strategy of Roc Nation, said during an interview with ESPN.com in August. “Hiring him should be a loud and clear statement this is serious for us and that we will do this the right way. We have one of the most respected individuals in the sport leading the charge for us.”

In regards to 50 Cent, over the past few years the G-Unit helmsman has worked with a number of professional boxers including Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

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