Yesterday (October 27), Birdman, along with Rich Gang members Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan, stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 for an interview with Funkmaster Flex. During the conversation, Birdman weighed in on the continuing feud between YMCMB artists Tyga and Drake

“I didn’t see that coming and still I haven’t got to the bottom of none of that,” Birdman says. “I talk to Drake all the time. He text me all the time.We always talk. I don’t really know what’s happening with all of that.”

Birdman Says Tyga Knows Where He Stands Compared To Drake

Later in the conversation, Birdman affirms that’s there’s no comparison to Drake, subsequently stating that Tyga knows where he stands next to the Canadian rapper, saying “numbers don’t lie,” referencing Drake’s huge success. 

“Drake is Drake, bro,” Birdman says. “There really ain’t no comparison. He in a lane by himself when it come to making music. You can’t compare nobody to what he do because nobody do what he does.” 

Discussing Tyga’s recently released “Make It Work” record, where the Hotel California rapper is said to be dissing Drake, Birdman says, “Honestly, Drake will push any anybody to make a better record ‘cause he that talented.” 

Birdman also highlights his “family orientated” motto and says, “either you’re in or you’re out.”

“Tyga know where he stand in this game compared to Drake,” Birdman says. “Numbers don’t lie. Let’s just keep it 1,000. I got all the love and respect for Tyga. That’s been my little bro… My intake is—I’m family orientated, either you’re in or you’re out. If you out, you’re an outcast to me. If you’re in, we family. It’s on you to choose your side, man. To me, it ain’t no on and off switch with me. You with us or you ain’t, you know? You gotta choose your side. But it’s always respect for Tyga. I got nothing but respect for Tyga.”

Birdman says that Tyga is still on YMCMB

“Yes, he’s still on the label,” Birdman says. “There ain’t no ifs, ands or buts about that, but at the same time either you’re in or you’re out… But I’m not with the dissing. I ain’t with none of that shit. We one gang… There ain’t no separating that. Either you’re with it or you ain’t. You just gotta choose your side. I always been family orientated because I come from a broken family.” 

Birdman’s full interview with Hot 97 can be seen below:

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