When asked if there’s a celebrity he met that he was surprised was familiar with him as an artist, West Coast rapper Tyler, The Creator named comedian/actor Dave Chappelle.

While appearing on Power 106 FM’s #LiftOff After Show, the Odd Future lyricist recalled meeting Chappelle while at a show. He says someone pointed out the comedian and he became “fully stoked” before walking up to the former “Chappelle’s Show” host.

He then revealed that Chappelle noticed him first and almost immediately asked for a picture.

“I’m at somebody’s show…And someone was like ‘Yo, Dave Chappelle’s right there,’” Tyler, The Creator said. “And I look and he’s right there. My body went weak. Like I actually turned into a girl. And I was like ‘Oh my God.’ I was fully stoked. And then I walked up and I was like ‘Damn, he’s real.’ So, he’s like ‘Oh shit, Tyler. What’s up, man?’ I was like ‘What the fuck?’ Anyway, he was fuckin’ hyped though. Before I could even say ‘Can I get a picture,’ that nigga was like ‘Tyler, can I get a picture?’ And he had his phone out taking a fuckin’—trying to take a selfie. While I had my phone out trying to take a selfie. And Taco got the photo of us trying to take selfies with each other. It’s the sickest shit ever.”

Prior to speaking on his encounter with Dave Chappelle, Tyler spoke on music and gave an update on his own work. According to the rapper, he’s “still making music,” but doesn’t “have nothing planned.”

He also detailed the process he typically undergoes when it concerns creating music. Tyler revealed that at times, the beat and the idea for a music video comes before the actual song.

“Yeah, that’s how it goes for me,” he said. “The video comes from the music. And based off that I come up with a song like most of the time. I’m very visual. I’ll make a beat and then I’ll legit—Just the way it sounds or how it looks. That’s just how I think. And then based off that a song is created. Just how it makes me feel is really how it’s made.”

Lastly, despite his foray into acting on “Loiter Squad,” Tyler shared that if he had to he’d choose making music over acting.

“I would rather only be able to make music. Or just make stuff in general. I couldn’t choose. It’s just art. It’s all just making shit,” the rapper said.

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