During a recently released interview with Montreality, Young Dirty Bastard spoke abut a variety of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Wu-Tang Clan-related topics, including the night in 2004 his father passed away due to a drug overdose. 

“The night he passed?” Young Dirty Bastard says. “It was very deep, actually. It was a lot of mystery shit going on. When we got out the limo and all that, we were going to the studio [and] he was like, ‘Damn.’ It felt like shit was already gonna happen anyway. It felt like there were angels around him. Niggas was trying to pull him upstairs and shit, it was all kind of crooked. But the world criminology of this shit is that we still here and Ol’ Dirty Bastard ain’t going nowhere. Peace to that. The legacy is still alive ‘cause I got babies and they got food stamps and they good.”

When asked who was the most supportive member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Young Dirty Bastard points to the group’s frontman, RZA. 

RZA, of course,” YDB says. “RZA put me under his wing when I was like 17. He took me on tour [and] that’s how I really came close to all the Wu-Tang [Clan] members. It was like being in a wolf pack on the tour bus [with] everybody teaching you everything. They teach you how to smoke weed [laughs]. You know that’s Wu-Tang. Method Man smoke a lot of weed.” 

On the subject of his own rapping career, Young Dirty Bastard says he Raps for his father and recalls handing a rhyme book to ODB and being told that he couldn’t Rap.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Told Young Dirty Bastard He Couldn’t Rap

“Hell yeah, the nigga told me I couldn’t rhyme,” YDB says. “He wouldn’t let me be who I wanted to be, which was the true emcee who now I am. I gave him a rhyme book [and] I was like, ‘Daddy, I really know how to Rap,’ with the rhyme book in my hand [in] black and white. He looked at the book. He didn’t even open the book. [He] just threw the book back at me [and said], ‘You can’t Rap, nigga.’ I’m rapping all day, everyday in Long Island. Me and my niggas, in Brooklyn [with] my cousins, we rapping. But now I’m rapping. I’m doing what he was doing. Not to be crazy, father, but I’m gonna do what you told me not to do, basically. When your father tells you not to do something, of course you’re just gonna hop on it. It’s like telling you not to smoke [when] you got the weed right in front of the nigga, you know what I’m saying? He was holding the microphone, basically. Nigga took me to the Apollo when I was like 9 years old. I was on the stage and all that, dancing and shaking my little ass then told me not to Rap [laughs].”

Later in the interview, YDB discusses the funeral of his father and recalls jumping on stage to inform those in attendance that ODB’s aura will live on through him. 

“That night we was all at the funeral,” YDB says. “It was an open-casket. He wasn’t fucked up in the face. Everything was live. Everything was fresh. Everybody got to see my pops that night. Mariah Carey came through. RZA came through [and] showed love. A lot of the Gods came through. And basically, at the end of it I was like, ‘Damn.’ I hopped on the stage, had the mic [and said], ‘My father ain’t going nowhere. Ol’ Dirty Bastard right here. He lives through me.’ I started crying and shit, you know how that get, but I stole all that power. I harnessed it and I’m actually doing this shit right now.”

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