Even though they are engaged in a verbal back-and-forth in the press, URL’s Norbes and Danny Myers used to help each other out. 

“I borrowed money from Danny Myers,” Norbes says, according to a story on BattleRap.com. “Let me start with that one ‘cause that was actually pretty funny. That’s a fact. I’m not gonna deny that. That is an absolute fact. I forgot what exactly the situation was. I was going on vacation, I think I had lost my debit card or my wallet. Right? I lost my card I think it was. I was like, ‘Do me a solid, send me this money and I got you, I’ll send it back to you when I get back.’ Danny, like a stand-up nigga, said, ‘Yo, I got you. No problem, bro.’ I said, ‘Bet, I appreciate that my nigga.’ Went on vacation and enjoyed myself. What Danny forgot to tell you guys was, I offered to pay him back. And then he also forgot to tell you that when he came to New York City and the same thing happened to him I gave Danny money.”

To read the full story, visit BattleRap.com.

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