Logic is always one to detail his rough past whether it be in music or during interviews.

Recently sitting down with Complex, the Gaithersburg, Maryland native recalled his helplessness during past situations that included physical and sexual abuse of both his sisters and mother.

“I think it was just who I was and God,” Logic said in explaining why he didn’t follow the example of older men who harmed women. “When I saw my mom getting her ass whooped by various men right in front of me or it was sitting in the same room as my sisters getting sexually assaulted as a little child and I couldn’t do anything… It’s crazy that that didn’t make me go out and put my hands on women.”

On a lighter topic, Logic also described his friendship with J. Cole. He also said that Cole knew who he was before the two met initially.

“J. Cole is a super awesome dude and every now and again I’ll text him and let him know how things are going and he always gives me really great words of wisdom and one of them was like don’t worry about the numbers,” he said. “I see what you’re doing, your fan base is incredible, it’s immense. Just focus on the fans and everything will be great.”

Logic is slated to release his debut album, Under Pressure, tomorrow (October 21).

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