Radio host Charlamagne Da God offered advice to yet another artist, during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. The Breakfast Club host offered his take on a recent club shooting, which took place while Suge Knight and Chris Brown were in a nightclub together, and resulted in Suge being shot numerous times.

According to Charlamagne, at nearly 50-years-old, Suge Knight is too old to be in the club and should instead “be at home playing with your grandkids” or “planting some turnips” in his backyard. He added that despite his age, Chris Brown should also avoid clubs.

“My take on that whole situation is Chris Brown just need to stay out the fuckin’ club, okay? That’s number one,” Charlamagne said. “Number two, I got nothing but respect for Suge Knight. Suge Knight’s almost 50-years-old. It comes a point in time when you gotta stop going to the club. And if you’re gonna go to the club, go to age appropriate clubs. Go to the clubs where the 50-year-old people be at. Why are you in the club with young boys like Chris Brown? And why are you still getting shot in the club at damn near 50-years-old? Think about it, man…At 50, you should be at home playing with your grandkids. Reading your grandkid stories. In your backyard planting some turnips…But you should not be in the club at 50-years-old. Nonetheless in the club still getting shot.”

In regards to the argument that the club is where new artists are found, Charlamagne revealed that in today’s day and age, the internet is where new artists and records are broken.

“If you’re still going to the club to find out what’s hot in the streets that lets me know how old you really are,” he said. “Because there’s this thing called the internet, right? And you can get on it and go to social media. And you can go to different websites to listen to what people are really into and see what people are really talking about. Those records you’re hearing in the club are breaking via the internet.”

Charlamagne was also asked about Brown’s comments about TMZ’s Harvey Levin being “the devil.” He says he disagrees with the singer’s comments and shared that if Brown wants to avoid being featured in news stories on TMZ then he should “stop feeding the devil.”

“I don’t agree with that. Harvey Levin’s not the devil,” Charlamagne said. “That’s the conversation I was having with them dumb ass stans when it came to the whole Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj situation…If Chris Brown thinks that TMZ is the devil, aight. Well, stop feeding the devil. Stop giving the devil something to print. Cause TMZ is just a conduit. TMZ is just a vessel. All they’re doing is printing the story. It’s not like they’re making shit up.”

Earlier this month, Charlamagne offered advice to Young Money singer/rapper Drake when he suggested that the Canadian musician stay away from strippers. The radio personality’s advice comes shortly after Drake was accused of threatening a stripper and an internet model.

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