While speaking with Hip Hop Since 1987, Meridian, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. spoke in-depth about his upcoming album, Cadillactica. In regards to his goal with the project, K.R.I.T. says he hopes to go far outside of any box he’s ever been put in in his music career.

The rapper later revealed that he plans on making music so relatable and timeless with Cadillactica that he’ll “be around forever.”

“To go farther than what box they put me in,” Big K.R.I.T. said when asked about his goal with Cadillactica. “And to show people outside of my genre that I can create music that has nothing to do with just Hip Hop. It’s more bigger than that. And just on a creative level to try to kinda push the boundaries of what Hip Hop will allow me any further…And so, for me it’s always about saying something that’s important. I think people are gonna take from this that I’m not ever gonna change, but I’m gonna make the kind of music that is so relatable and so timeless that I’mma be around forever.”

Prior to speaking on his goals for Cadillactica, K.R.I.T. broke down the meaning behind the title of the album. According to the Southern wordsmith, Cadillactica represents his “subconscious mind” and everything he thinks about “creatively.”

He then went on to explain that the project will focus on life from beginning to end, from being young and rambunctious to finding love and being comfortable.

Cadillactica is literally my subconscious mind,” he said. “And I can’t call my album that. So, I was like ‘Aight, I gotta create an actual title for this.’ And I decided I wanted to create a planet where—The Cadillac that crash-landed on planet Earth on Live From The Underground, I wanted to tell the story of where that Cadillac came from. And it came from planet Cadillactica, which is my subconscious mind, everything that I think about creatively. And in creating this place I wanted to tell life from the beginning to the end of this planet. Things are a little obscure. They’re a little different, but you go through the young, rambunctious stage. Then you move on to just trying to figure out your purpose. [The] finding love stage and then being comfortable. And then the end of it all. And that’s pretty much how it flows. But just telling it in a way that ain’t never been told before. Twisting things that we know naturally that we’ve learned through our life, but making ‘em a little different.”

In regards to choosing producers for Cadillactica, Big K.R.I.T. says it was a matter of choosing artists he was a fan of who would be able to create something he’d be unable to on his own. Among the producers currently slated to appear on Cadillactica are Raphael Saadiq, Jim Jonsin, and Terrace Martin.

“Normally, I work with people I’m a fan of musically,” the rapper said. “And that might either get my sound or I know they’ll create something for me that I won’t create for myself. Terrace Martin is one of those people that understands music, period. And to go in and be able to hum a record to him and he creates a musical body around it is what I was looking for. To stay away from sampling so much. You know, Raphael Saadiq’s gonna give you something that sounds like a sample, but it’s not at all. And Dahi is just an alien with music to the point where the drum patterns, sonically, the melodies, and all that are things that I wouldn’t do for myself. And then Jim Jonsin…It just makes sense to work with these artists cause all their records still have base though. The base and bottom, but it’s melodic at the same time and I think I really needed that for Cadillactica.”

Big K.R.I.T.’s Cadillactica is currently scheduled for release on November 11.

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