An open letter written by the daughter of Singaporean actor, Gurmit Singh went viral earlier this month after the teen paid a visit to a Forever 21 in a shopping mall in Singapore.

In the letter, Gabrielle Singh revealed that she was offended by the rap music being played in the store.

“Earlier today, around 8pm, I was in your Somerset 313 outlet. I was there with my mother and my baby sister, and the moment we stepped in, your store was blaring rap music. Fine. I don’t mind rap. What I did mind was the lyrics, which declared ‘half you bitches like pussy too,’” Singh said in her open letter, according to

The teen later referenced an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics about song lyrics.

“I’m looking at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ article ‘Committee on Public Education’ right now, and on page 341, it explains that explicit lyrics warp our perception of the world around us,” she said.

The song Singh likely heard during her visit to Forever 21 was the Houston, Texas-based group 5th Ward Boyz’, “PWA.” On the first verse of “PWA,” 5th Ward Boyz member E-Rock raps:

“Weed and alcohol it seems to satisfy us all, indeed / Don’t even trip, half of you bitches like pussy too / Love to smoke weed and get high, sip, serve / And let the freaky shit up out /And suck the skin off a nigga dick / I’s a playa, I’s a never had to trick.”

In a Tumblr blog uploaded last week, Singh provided an update on the matter and revealed that Forever 21 did apologize for the incident.

“F21 has responded and apologised for the music, which is pretty great! However, misogyny as a common occurrence in our everyday lives is still a big issue,” Singh said.

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