Migos has a history of physical altercations with crowds at their shows. And now, you can add another one to the list.

Recently performing in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Atlanta trio was involved in another brawl with fans. This time, it was member Offset who is seen, according to video posted by Vlad TV, jumping off stage and after a fan. It is believed that one or more people were yelling obscenities at group. New York rapper Bobby Shmurda was also on stage. The fight broke out into something much bigger as the whole crowd got involved. The other two members of Migos also jumped off stage to accompany their brawling group mate after he engaged in battle. The venue subsequently shut down the show due to the violence that occurred.

About a month ago, Migos was involved in a separate altercation with fans. The Nashville, Tennessee incident revolved around a fan supposedly snatching a chain from the them while they were performing. 

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Watch the full, most recent brawl video below.

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