Detroit, Michigan rapper Big Sean recently provided a handful of updates about his upcoming, third studio album, during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

When asked about features on the album, the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist revealed that he hasn’t solidified anything with “Dance (A$$)(Remix)” collaborator Nicki Minaj. He offered a “you gotta wait and see” when asked about a potential collaboration with 2 Chainz, but did reveal that Kanye West will appear on the album.

“Yeah, he took time,” Big Sean said when asked about Kanye West. “That guy right there he took his time out. That’s an OG, man. Shout out to the boy. Shout out to the homie.”

In addition to speaking on possible features, Big Sean spoke on what fans can expect from his upcoming studio album, music-wise. He revealed that the records will be “harder” than past album tracks and “a little bit darker” as well.

“I feel like these records are just harder, man,” he said in a video posted on “I try different things all the time and I feel like this one’s more intense as far as just the raps are at a high level. I’m just making it something that I wanna do. Something that’s probably a little bit darker than the last one. Yeah, it’s gonna be good though. We getting it ready for you. It’s almost ready…We got some crazy ones on there, man. Even that ‘Paradise’ verse. I feel like that verse was—That’s a wild one right there.”

Over the past few weeks, Big Sean has released a handful of records including the E-40-assisted track, “I Don’t Fuck With You.” When asked why he chose E-40 for the DJ Mustard-produced record, the Detroit rapper spoke on being a fan of E-40 for quite some time and added that the rapper was a perfect fit for the record.

“E-40’s the OG,” Big Sean said. “I don’t think him and Mustard never really worked together. E-40, he’s just one of my favorite rappers from when I was eight-years-old and my bro was playing me The Lox. Playing me Mase. Playing me all these different things. E-40 was one of them people that got a lot of respect in Detroit. I don’t know what the connection is between The Bay and Detroit, but he just—He had me out there. And ever since I known him he’s just been loyal. He just been cool. And to me he fit the record perfect. I had to get the OG on there. I feel like he added a certain aesthetic to it.”

In regards to a release date for his third studio album, Big Sean says fans can expect it either late this year or early next.

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