The New York Post has been hit with a hefty lawsuit following a news story the publication released earlier this month about former Fugees member, Pras. According to, Pras says the story featured a misleading and damaging headline and is now suing the New York Post for $30 million.

The news story, featured in the Post’s Page Six section, included the following headline: “Ex-Fugee rapper bailed on his own 9/11 benefit concert.”

“The drafting, publishing and dissemination of the Article was accomplished with a reckless disregard for the truth,” states the lawsuit, according to “The reckless ‘reporting’ would be deemed as such had a high school student drafted the Article. However, the authors are seasoned, experienced ‘investigative journalists’ employed by one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world.”

The Posts’ story, which was released online on October 5, states that the Brooklyn-born rapper didn’t show up to a 9/11 charity event held to raise money for his The Hope For Them Foundation organization.

The lawsuit also states that Pras “has never owned nor been an owner, director or officer of [The Hope For Them] Foundation” and that a check issued to the rapper for the event bounced.

In addition to the lawsuit, Pras has also requested that the New York Post issue an apology and retraction. As of today (October 9), the New York Post’s story on Pras is still live on their website.

Just last year, Pras sued a pair of studio owners for $9,000 for allegedly double-booking a studio the former Fugee was scheduled to use and then refusing to offer a refund.

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