Charlie Murphy says he’s been a part of Hip Hop since his work in Chris Rock’s CB4.

“You got to remember CB4 is a part of Hip Hop,” Murphy says during an interview with XXL’s Emmanuel C.M. “It was the first big Hip Hop movie. As a result of that, it made me a friend of Hip Hop and people who are rappers. When I meet them, they like, ‘That’s the dude from CB4.’ We’re already clicking right there.”

While CB4 helped Murphy’s star rise on the big screen, Chappelle’s Show earned him acclaim for his work in television. During his work on Chappelle’s Show, Murphy interacted with several rappers, including Snoop Dogg.



“I got a funny story with a rapper,” he says. “I was once in a room with Snoop Dogg and Don ‘Magic’ Juan. Snoop Dogg passed out a blunt to everybody. We were all talking and smoking. Then all of a sudden, I was like “wow I’m really high, this some good ass weed. This whole room [felt like] we were having an earthquake. I shouted, ‘Yo Snoop, y’all don’t feel that, man? Y’all don’t feel that? We’re having an earthquake.’ Snoop turns and says, ‘We’re in Brooklyn cuz.’ And we really were. That’s when I realized I needed to sit down because I really thought there was an earthquake”

Murphy’s most recent work can be found on Black Jesus, a series that he says has similar characteristics to Chappelle’s Show.

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