French Montana’s 4-year-old son’s mother, Nadeen Kharbouch, says the rapper has neglected their child for months in order to spend time with high profile girlfriends, Trina and Khloe Kardashian, according to TMZ.

Friends of Kharbouch, who is French Montana’s former wife, say the rapper has gone months without seeing their child. They allege Montana has only seen his son on four days this year. Kharbouch was specifically upset that French Montana preferred to spend time with Kardashian over taking their son to kindergarten class, the report says.

Last week, the former couple finalized their divorce after two years of custody fights. TMZ reports that Montana settled with Kharbouch for $3 million.

Montana and Trina dated prior to French’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian. French and Kardashian dated briefly this year before reportedly ending their relationship

Montana has spoken about not being able to see his son in the past. In August, French said the following: “The bad thing about it? Just going through my divorce. Things like that. Going through things like why I can’t see my son when I want to. Things like that. That’s the bad thing ’cause when you make it to a certain level it’s like everything ain’t gon’ be everything you want. You gotta go through the bullshit.”

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