Crooked I, Sway Calloway, DJ King Tech and SMH Records CEO Mike Smith have announced that they are teaming up for One Shot, a reality competition series in which contestant emcees fight for a chance to be named Hip Hop’s next star.

“This is strictly for Hip Hop,” Crooked I said in his announcement of the show on Sway Calloway’s radio program, Sway In The Morning. “This right here is to provide a platform for Hip Hop, for us. If you’re an up and coming artist, I had the same struggle. I had the same everything you got. I’m just like you. This is for us. Strictly Hip Hop.”

The show will travel through Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in search of emcees. Crook, Tech and Smith are set to be joined by a guest judge in every city. A final showcase is set to be hosted by Sway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rappers who wish to enter the contest can log on to One Shot’s website, where they can download instrumentals for their submissions.

Journalists Kim Osorio and Kathy Iandoli are set to interview contestants on the show to share heir struggle or inspiration, according to a press release.

Crooked I says the show is meant to help up and coming acts get a break they deserve.

“I believe in tomorrow’s Rap stars,” Crooked I explains. “I believe in giving them a bigger platform to be heard. I believe that I could help somebody get one shot because that’s all I ever wanted.”

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