Many have questioned the decisions, music and mind state of Lauryn Hill over the past few years. Numerous think pieces and discussions have perpetuated public debate about the former Fugees member.

Recently taking to Medium, long time admirer and supporter Talib Kweli wrote about Hill, coming to her defense. 

In the piece, Kweli asserts that Lauryn and any other musical artists doesn’t owe their fans anything and are allowed to tryout whatever they want to. He also took aim at Stefan Schumacher’s recent Medium piece about Lauryn Hill, which blasted the emcee/poet and asserted that the public should “stop caring” about her and her artistry.

“In Schumacher’s incredibly self-absorbed takedown of Ms. Hill he describes her as ‘an artist who hasn’t produced anything of relevance in the last two decades,’ Kweli writes. “Because of this $88 is too much of a ticket price, even though he goes through pains to explain that he isn’t broke. I wonder how much Rolling Stones tickets are going for these days? What was their last “relevant” hit?”

Talib also writes that real fans of artists should appreciate what has already been released and shouldn’t expect more than what has been given.

“True fans celebrate what they have already received, they don’t whine like spoiled children about not receiving things they were never owed in the first place,” he wrote. 

Talib Kweli created a song about Lauryn hill back in 2005 with “Ms. Hill” and has a long history of supporting her and her music. Read the full piece here.

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