When it comes to conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Tupac Shakur, TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q revealed that while he never delved that deep into Pac’s death, he feels it’s more so a case of somebody getting away with murder or someone out there knowing what went down the night Tupac was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Tupac conspiracy theories? Man, shit goes on all the time,” ScHoolboy Q said. “People die every day. People get away with murder every day. You know what I’m saying? So, that’s what the case is. Somebody else got away with murder. Or they know who did it. Or—I don’t know. I was too young. I never knew Tupac. I was a big fan, but I never delved that deep. I know it’s scandalous.”

Q later spoke on the late Nate Dogg during his interview with Montreality. He credited Nate Dogg for being the first “gangsta singer” of his generation and applauded the musician for singing one of the hardest verses ever heard.

“Any song he was on was tight as a mothafucka,” the TDE lyricist said. “He never really dropped a real, real—like a major album. Where people was like—But everything he was on he made hit records, you know? He’s responsible for a lot of niggas’ careers. That’s how I look at it. He brought life to the song. He was like the first to me. He wasn’t the first, but for me and my generation Nate Dogg was the first gangsta singer. That wasn’t like really the vocalist. No Stevie Wonder type or R. Kelly type. It’s more like some gangsta singing…He sung the hardest verse you ever heard.”

Lastly, Q addressed comments Childish Gambino made during a performance in Sydney, Australia in July of this year. During his performance, Gambino rapped:

“I’m the best rapper, definitely Top 5 / If these other rappers think they’re [better], they’re fuckin’ not alive / I’ll cut their head off, that’s every rapper living / That’s Kendrick [Lamar], that’s Drake / That’s ScHoolboy [Q], that’s everyone / I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fucking kill you niggas / I’ll fucking kill you niggas.”

According to ScHoolboy, he’s not “trippin” over Gambino calling him out during his freestyle. He even went on to commend the Stone Mountain, Georgia rapper on releasing a “hard” album.

“I ain’t trippin,” Q said. “That’s cool. I ain’t trippin. I fuck with Gambino. Yeah, a freestyle. He probably didn’t even mean to say that. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t trippin. It’s cool. His album hard.”

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