Crooked I, who’s signed to Shady Records as a member of Slaughterhouse, recently announced his signing with SMH Records as a solo act as he prepares his upcoming album, Sex, Money And Hip Hop, a project that is in its early stages. 

“I’m doing a new project with SMH,” Crooked I said in a HipHopDX exclusive, which can be viewed in the site’s Media section. “It’s a collaborative effort with my group, C.O.B. The SMH collab is real dope because those are some good people. I’m always excited to work with people who are really true to the music and that genuinely want to see you win. Those are the kind of people I really like working with. That’s who they are.” 

Crooked I, who said he has visual content that is on its way, is also excited for Horseshoe Gang’s upcoming album, Knocking On Heaven’s Door, which is also scheduled to be released via SMH and C.O.B., he says. 

Crooked I Says Suge Knight Shooting Was Unfortunate

As Crooked opens the door to a new phase in his life, he also looks back on another record label he’s been affiliated with, Death Row Records. Under Death Row, Crooked I was able to work with Suge Knight, who was recently hospitalized after being shot in a nightclub in West Hollywood. 

“I was on Death Row for like four years,” Crook says. “I heard about what happened to Suge. It’s real unfortunate to try to be out and about and partying. I see him all the time. He’s always by himself when I see him. That’s surprising to some people because they think, ‘He should walk around with a bunch of body guards and a huge entourage.’ But every time I see him out and about, he’s by himself. It’s just a real unfortunate thing that happened. He’s a survivor, though. He’s probably just gonna jump out of there and be Suge. It’s crazy that it happened in Hollywood, too. You think of Hollywood as a place where people chase dreams and have ambition, not a place where gang wars go down and shootings and things like that. It’s the wild, wild west. It didn’t really shock me. When I first got on Death Row, the first thing I bought with my record advance was a bullet proof vest. So, it definitely didn’t shock me. I definitely know he’s a survivor, though. So, he’ll probably be straight. It’s just real unfortunate, man. You never want to see nothing like that.”

Crooked I Says Eminem Is A G.O.A.T.

As noted earlier, Crooked I remains a member of the Shady Records family as a part of Slaughterhouse. Crook says he’s happy to be signed with Eminem, who he calls a G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) candidate. 

“Being on Eminem’s Shady Records is a blessing,” he explains before adding that he’s grateful to work on Eminem’s label. “As a group, my group Slaughterhouse, we on Shady Records. We released an album and we got a brand new album that we working on that’s about to come out. I’m just in a good place musically and creatively.” 

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