Rihanna is one of the latest celebrities who has had personal nude images shared with the public as a result of an alleged hacking, according to TMZ.

“Early Sunday AM two nude pictures that appear to be RiRi were leaked onto 4chan/Reddit, one with a censored version of her breasts, the other pic showing bare ass and slight nipple,” the website’s report says.

Several celebrities have also had other personal nude images shared with the public through what appears to be one or several hacks. Nude images of Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union and Vanessa Hudgens were also leaked this weekend. These images, along with the pictures of Rihanna, also began to appear on social media services, including Twitter. 

Several celebrities saw their personal nude images uploaded to the Internet without their consent earlier this month, including model Kate Upton and actress Jennifer Lawrence. Jill Scott was also a victim of the alleged hacking at the time, but she denied the legitimacy of one of the leaked images that was said to be of her. She confirmed one image, of her in robe, was authentic. 

Rihanna, who appeared nude on the cover of lui. Magazine earlier this year, has not addressed the the recently-leaked images. Union has said that she would contact the FBI regarding the matter. 

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