50 Cent’s ceremonial first-pitch during a New York Mets baseball game this season, which has been called the worst ever by the Washington Post, earned the rapper a 15-week run as ESPN Sports Center‘s “Worst Of The Worst,” part of the show’s Not Top 10 segment. Today (September 19), the rapper’s streak ended. 

50, who is a 15-week “Worst Of The Worst” champion, was dethroned today by Booker Mays. Mays, a college football player who pretended to collapse during a fake punt, earned the title this week with 61.8 percent of the vote.

Anchor David Lloyd joked about the pitch, saying that he was in fear when he saw it. 

“I was scared of this,” Lloyd said. “I was worried something happened to [50 Cent] in mid-delivery.” 

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