Drumma Boy says that incarcerated friend Gucci Mane, who pleaded guilty to assault Monday (September 15) and sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting an Army staff sergeant with bottle in a nightclub on March 16, 2013, remains upbeat despite being incarcerated.

“He always just happy,” Drumma Boy says during an exclusive interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (September 18). “He cool. He fun. That nigga could be going through the worst shit in the world and still be like, ‘Hey Drum. Hey man, make sure you have some beats when I get out this muthafucka.’”

Drumma Boy also says that Gucci Mane, who released the I Am Trap mixtape, among others, in the last month month, has a powerful ally. 

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“He’ll have the worst cloud over his head, but he got God on his shoulders,” Drumma Boy says. “Gucci a good dude.”

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