Former Aftermath Entertainment artist and 2001 collaborator Hittman chose to address his relationship with Dr. Dre and their fallout in music form by addressing the matter on a guest verse featured on rapper/songwriter Asoka’s record, “The Humble Hustle.”

On his verse, Hittman speaks on going from having “an illustrious career” to raising funds for a project of his through Kickstarter.

On “The Humble Hustle,” Hittman raps:

“Spitting for Andre til he said ‘Stop, that’s all I gotta hear’ / Then and right there, dreamed of ballin’ and gear / All-in-all an illustrious career / Well, I thought wrong. Thought I was on. Got hella gonged / Now I’m on Kickstarter pledging like a telethon for project funding /Sometimes stepping stones are really blocks for stumbling / Opting out my contract, was it a smart or dumb thing / The block is mumbling / My hustle’s not a fun thing. It’s stressful and humbling, for real.”

Hittman was heavily featured on Dr. Dre’s second solo album, 2001. On the album, which was released in 1999, Hittman appears on 10 of the tracks featured on the LP.

Years following the release of Dre’s 2001, Hittman released his only studio album titled Hittmanic Verses.

Asoka’s “The Humble Hustle” music video is slated to premiere on September 24.

(September 16, 2014)

UPDATE: The video for Asoka’s “The Humble Hustle” has been released.

It is available on HipHopDX here.

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