During an interview conducted by Peter Rosenberg for The Grammy Museum’s Spotlight series last night in Los Angeles, CA (September 15), Childish Gambino explained why he felt the similarities he shares with Drake could have limited his music career. He also stated that he’s a better rapper than the Young Money-emcee.

“I don’t want people to think that I hate Drake,” Gambino said in response to a questioned posed by a fan in the audience. “I don’t hate Drake at all. I really like Drake, if not for no other reason than he makes me better. He really does. I had to fight that all the time. I knew when I was doing Childish Gambino from the beginning, like, ‘They’re not gonna let me do this. They already have a rapper, singer, actor guy who’s Black.’ That’s really what it was. ‘If he was White, it would be different.’ They’d be like, ‘They’re not the same.’ It’s very specific. I don’t dislike Drake. I think he’s a really good writer and rapper. Right now I definitely feel I’m better than him, only because I’m working harder than him right now. If he came in and was like, ‘Let’s rap.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna kill you.’ [Laughs] But, right now. Maybe he’s got something up his sleeve.”

Childish Gambino called out several rappers, including Drake, during a recent performance in Sydney, Australia (July 27).

“I’m the best rapper, definitely Top 5,” Gambino rapped. “If these other rappers think they’re [inaudible], they’re fuckin’ not alive / I’ll cut their head off, that’s every rapper living / That’s Kendrick [Lamar], that’s Drake / That’s ScHoolboy [Q], that’s everyone / I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fucking kill you niggas / I’ll fucking kill you niggas.”

The because the internet-artist fired additional bars towards Drake before concluding his verse.

“This nigga think he Drake,” he rhymed. “Nah, I ain’t Drake / I sing better / I do better / My shit’s wetter.”

Childish Gambino discussed his upcoming mixtape STN MTN/Kuai Gambino during The Grammy Museum’s Spotlight series interview. He also performed four songs, including “Sweatpants” and “Sober.” 

Click here to view Gambino’s first live performance of “Sober.”

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