Bushwick Bill has quite a few infamous stories outside of rap that he’s known for experiencing. Most people remember him for missing his right eye but during the early 90s he was also pronounced dead for over two hours. Recently speaking with the Murder Master Music Show, Bill recalled the time he died.

“I died June 19th 1991,” he said when asked about being at the morgue. “I was in the morgue for two hours and 45 minutes before I came to. My toe was tagged and they were pushing me in the drawer and I looked both ways and I saw frozen people to the left and frozen people to the right. I thought I was dreaming then I saw people in front of me pushing the door closed and I was like, ‘Yo!’ And everybody stopped and I said, ‘I have to pee’ and I jumped up and pulled the catheter out and the security for the morgue stood there and I ended up peeing on his leg and he took off running [and said] ‘He’s alive somebody help!’ They ran back in there and shot me up with a big needle and I woke up handcuffed to a hospital bed.”

Also during the interview Bushwick Bill recalled the Geto Boys’DJ Ready Red telling him early on that he could rap. These sentiments were later reiterated by member Lil’ J.

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“First [DJ Ready] Red told me I could rap and then J told me I could rap and this was in ’86/’87 but I didn’t do it until ’89,” Bill recalled. “Ready Red and Lil’ J already told me I could be rappin’. For Willie D to say that he is the one who made me a rapper I reject that and decline that testimony cause actually Ready Red and Lil’ J was telling me about it for years and Bido did the same. Will mentioned it but he didn’t make me a rapper. When it came to ‘Size Ain’t Shit,’ me and Willie sat down and wrote that and when it came to ‘Let A Hoe Be A Ho’ I gave him ideas for that as well. We were all working together, but for people to later on in life say that they made me a rapper that would be a lie.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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