Iggy Azalea denies that she has a sex tape on sale, according to TMZ.

Despite this, porn company Vivid’s Steve Hirsh says the tape allegedly featuring Azalea could make more money than Kim Kardashian’s tape with Ray J.

Hirsh, who says the tape appears to feature Azalea, says he’s reached out to the rapper regarding negotiations.

Nevertheless, Azalea’s camp denies involvement and says they are prepared to “sue over the alleged footage,” according to TMZ.

If the film does feature Azalea, it cannot be released legally without her consent.

She may not release a sex tape, but she might be gearing up to release her The New Classic re-release effort.

(September 11, 2014)

UPDATE: Iggy Azalea has released several statements on Twitter regarding this matter.

TMZ has also released a follow-up report on the story.

The report says Azalea’s camp acknowledges that there may in fact be a sex tape of the rapper, but if it exists, the camp says it is being sold by a “spurned business suitor” looking to cash in on the “Fancy” star’s fame.

The camp also says there is a chance Azalea is underaged in the video. 

(September 12, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Jefe Wine, a Houston rapper who says he’s in the video being shopped to Vivid, claims the clip is real and that it features Azalea. He says she is of legal age and that she was “100 percent fully aware” of the fact that they recorded their sex acts at the time in an interview with TMZ.

Wine says his computer was stolen months ago and that he is not shopping it around. Still, he says he’s interested in money for the video, if it is released.

Azalea would also have to sign off for the video to be released legally.

Wine also says his relationship with Azalea is strong and that she is set to appear on one of his upcoming singles. 

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