Kevin Gates and Young Thug have exchanged disses on Instagram, according to DDOTOMEN.  

“Nigga don’t pick up the phone when Gates call,” Kevin Gates says, allegedly about Young Thug in a clip posted on Instagram. “What, a nigga told you something about me? Come on, man. Keep it real, just tell me man, ‘Gates, I ain’t rockin’ like that. I won’t dick pull.’ Fuck you. You heard me? I don’t get tired, nigga.”

Young Thug reportedly responded via Instagram, also.

“The only thing I could get tired of is a pussy-ass nigga slick-dissin’ you,” he says. “You know who I’m talking about, pussy-ass-lil’-nigga…Pull up, fuck-boy.”

Gates and Thug have both been mentored by Birdman. In July 2014, Gates explained his bond with Birdman and Lil Wayne like this: “

“He [Lil Wayne] was more of a mentor,” Gates said. “He gave me a different approach with music. I used to sit in there and watch him—Well, I’mma relate it to this. I’mma give you this illustration. You know, to learn how to coke dope good you got to be around a good, dope cook. And you know most artists don’t give you their recipe. They don’t let you get in the kitchen with em…So, Wayne let me get in the kitchen with him. You heard me? Me and Tunechi, we in the kitchen late nights. Everybody in the studio sleep. I’m in there just ‘Yeah, what this do? What that [do]?’”

On September 3, Thugger made headlines when he referred to Birdman, also his mentor, as his “lover” on Instagram

The Instagram videos are no longer on the rappers’ Instagram pages. They are below, via DDOTOMEN. 

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