Last week, a bizarre feud between Miami, Florida rapper SpaceGhostPurrp and 11-year-old Augusta, Georgia rapper Lil Shark erupted via social media.

According to Pigeons And Planes, the beef between the two began when SpaceGhost dissed Lil Shark and the tween rapper’s music via a handful of remarks made on Twitter.

Lil Shark then received word of SpaceGhost’s comments and his demand that Shark’s SoundCloud page be taken down for the sake of music, and fired back with a diss record titled “Fuck SGP! Freestyle.”

On the record, Lil Shark raps, “He’s a racist ass bitch. He lookin’ like a Tyrone Biggums. Cracked out, black ass Kermit The Frog.”

In addition to being the target of Lil Shark’s diss record, SpaceGhostPurrp’s website was also hacked. As of today (September 1), the rapper’s website includes a picture of Lil Shark and a direct link to Shark’s The Shark Tank mixtape.

Additional screenshots from SpaceGhostPurrp and Lil Shark’s Twitter exchange as well as Lil Shark’s “Fuck SGP! Freestyle” can be found below.

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