Daylyt says Rap is not about skill.

“When you go mainstream, it’s 100 percent entertainment and fuckin’ zero percent skill nowadays,” he says in an interview with VladTV, as reported by BattleRap. “Let’s take a lot of rappers, like Chief Keef—let’s take Soulja Boy. Was Soulja Boy really skilled? Was he a skilled rapper? No, he wasn’t a skilled rapper, but he was very entertaining.

“Let’s really look at all the rappers that can really rap, are they getting the airtime or the radio play that some of these niggas who can’t rap are getting? No,” Daylyt adds. “Lil B came up with an idea: ‘Y’all like stupid shit? I’ma go to the max with the stupid shit.’ And he went to the max with this stupid shit… Let’s be honest, skill is not a factor in today’s hip-hop scene. It’s not.”



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