During an interview with ThisIs50, G-Unit rapper Young Buck detailed the benefits of being independent. Before rattling down the list of benefits independent artists are granted, Buck shared his belief that G-Unit has always felt independent, even when the rap group was under Interscope Records.

As independent artists, the Nashville, Tennessee rapper revealed that those in G-Unit are able to offer their music to the public much faster and are able to capitalize off the market more.

“G-Unit as a company has always been independent to me in a sense as far as the feeling of us,” Young Buck said in a video posted on 2DopeBoyz. “Even though we’ve always had a parenting company, Interscope. It’s always been G-Unit…Our company has always acted and always moved in an independent fashion. So, it’s nothing new…It’s really fucked up for the competition, the other artists…We create our own momentum. We in control of our thing.

“G-Unit is a group that took off and blowed up so quick. And the success happened so fast that I think a lot of times the fans failed to realize that in a sense we still fresh artists,” he added. “I’ve only dropped two solo records in my career. As well as Banks and Yayo. We haven’t really got to give the world what we got to offer. And being independent is a lane where we’re able to get to the world and give ‘em what we got to offer quicker…The truth of it is a lot of people are not really eating from this game. Being independent we’re able to capitalize off where the market and the game is at now and actually make money from it.”

Prior to speaking on G-Unit’s status as independent artists, Buck criticized those looking for the downfall of G-Unit. He revealed that fans can instead expect success and good music from the group in the future.

“Don’t look for the downfall of G-Unit,” the rapper said. “Cause you’ll be looking for a long God damn time. You understand? But looking for the success of G-Unit you’ll get what you want to see real quick. But looking for the downfall homie you gon’ be stuck…Don’t pray on our downfall or look for it. Look for the success. Look for the good music. Look for the positive energy. And that’s what you gon’ get. Because even if you ain’t looking for it that’s what you gon’ get.”

In June of this year, the members of G-Unit reunited onstage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam music festival. Following their reunion, the group has dropped several records as well as their newly-released EP, The Beauty Of Independence.

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