50 Cent and G-Unit reunited earlier this year, an event that was aided by the independent nature of Fif’s new record deal.

“The timing surrounding me actually having my independence, at the same time moving away from Interscope,” 50 Cent says in an interview with MTV‘s Rob Markman. “And I look around and I say if there is a time to do it, it would be now.” 

50 Cent went on to explain the separation that took place between G-Unit members. 

“We didn’t have one of those situations where people were off. A lot of times when you see a group together, it’s separated on different terms,” he explained. “It’s more me, conditioning them for something that wasn’t healthy for me. It went on, it went on until each one of the situations kinda took it’s own path and then we had our little differences.”

Lloyd Banks continued, saying he never believed the rift would last forever.

“I always felt like we would be back together and doing music,” Banks said. “That was the most important part to me. All the other things that helped break shit up, I didn’t participate in.”

During the Shade45 reunion special interview that was also conducted by Rob Markman, Banks elaborated on this point.

“The only issues we had was lack of communication,” Banks said. “I might stray away at times, but artists that have a lot of success have the leverage to fall back a year or two…I worked a long way to get to my independent status, to not have that pressure.” 

Young Buck shared his perspective, saying he and 50 reconciled their feud. “He was hurt, as well as I was,” he said. “Knowing that, I felt there was always room for [reconciliation].” 

Tony Yayo, who said their feud was “corny” at one point, said he didn’t have the high hopes Buck had. “I thought it was over,” he said. Regardless, he says he realizes G-Unit members are his “brothers.” 

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