Kanye West has announced that he is working on a new album.  

That news inspired Green-Label.com to craft a list of “10 Things We Want From Kanye West’s Next Album.”

“Kanye has reinvented the art of dropping an album,” the story says, “whether it means changing the game musically or externally in the form of multi-media rollouts.” 

One item noted is the “Return Of Well-Rounded Kanye.” 

“We love Kanye for his fearless exploration of sometimes hypocritical or contradictory subject matter since it’s one of the things that makes him most fascinating,” the Green Label story says. “However, in recent years, Kanye has faltered in balancing the two. A return to moderation in this respect would treat him well.

To read the full list of “10 Things We Want From Kanye West’s Next Album,” visit Green-Label.com.