The title track from Drake’s upcoming album suffered an unofficial leak earlier this weekend. While the leaked track, “Views From The 6,” has not been confirmed by Young Money or the rapper himself, the song also features an added and likely unauthorized verse from Arizona rapper E Batt.

Leaking on Reddit and several other platforms, the song features a Drake verse that Perez Hilton and other websites speculate is about a stint in Paris with Rihanna. “You must remember wakin’ up in Paris with the blunt / You must remember fuckin’ me like anytime you want,” Drake raps on the song. “What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks? / Now we back in California, we don’t even speak / That’s a no-no.” The verse coincides with the rapper and singer having spent time together in the French capital in February of this year.

“Everyone said we look good on paper,” Drake also says on the song, “You deserve that action / Plus you get more paper than I do, that shit attractive / Things that make me miss you, with Jen and Melissa.” The track even appears to feature a snippet of Rihanna’s voice upon the mention of “Melissa.”

E Batt, the rapper whose verse appears second on the leaked track, took to Twitter to claim that he’s not responsible for the leak itself. 

The leak comes just weeks after images of Rihanna flashed onscreen during a Drake performance at OVO Fest. After some websites speculated that Rihanna’s face appeared superimposed on Satanic images, Drake clarified the appearance. “My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6,” he Tweeted. “The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It’s all love!!”

The Rihanna vocal snippet heard on the leaked version of “Views From The 6” was reportedly pulled from a Youtube video in which the singer celebrates celebrates 4:20.

Listen to the song here