In addition to speaking on his upcoming album, Mac & Cheese 4, during an interview on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, French Montana also addressed the downside of being in the spotlight. According to the Bronx rapper, his divorce and the inability to see his five-year-old son when he wants to are the negative aspects of his celebrity.

“The bad thing about it? Just going through my divorce,” French Montana said. “Things like that. Going through things like why I can’t see my son when I want to. Things like that. That’s the bad thing. Cause when you make it to a certain level it’s like everything ain’t gon’ be everything you want. You gotta go through the bullshit.”

French later spoke on his relationship with Khloe Kardashian and revealed that he met the reality star through Puff Daddy while in the studio. He also added that due to Kardashian’s reality show, he has no choice but to be filmed when he’s around her.

“Puff hooked us up…Me just being with her, this and that, they filming everything,” he said. “So, at first—Like I have no choice to be like ‘No, I don’t want to be on that.’ I mean, I do. It’s part of her thing, which I respect it. She always come through for me. Like when I had a show, this and that show. She’ll travel. Go to Africa. MTV Awards. This and that. So, we look out for each other.”

In regards to Mac & Cheese 4, he revealed that the album will be released this November and will include guest appearances from Rick Ross, Puff Daddy, Miguel, and those in his Coke Boys crew.

“It’s an album,” the rapper said. “I was coming out with a series of mixtapes called Mac & Cheese. I made it the album. Instead of me just making a whole Excuse My French album. I wanted to give my fans something that I already been making for years.”

Earlier this year, French commented on Kanye West possibly producing Mac & Cheese 4, during an interview with Complex.

“Well, I just worked with Kanye,” he said in May. “Me and Kanye was working yesterday. We did like four songs…He produced and rapping. So, we still going back and forth. We even considering him producing my album.”

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