T.I. says his upcoming Paperwork album, which is set to be executive produced by Pharrell, will be a change of pace for the emcee.

“I mean it’s [my] ninth album,” T.I.P. says in an interview with Billboard. “[I] can’t just continue doing the same shit…You keep some of the same elements, but you must apply a different twist, playbook, or whatever. I teamed up with the best for that. Pharrell and I have worked [together] since I stepped up in the industry, so he has an immaculate understanding for who I am as an artist, as well for my genre.”

T.I., who has worked with Pharrell on several songs, including last year’s “Blurred Lines,” says Skateboard P adds several elements to the music of artists he’s produced for. 

“Pharrell has always been the best at taking people that come from my walk of life and adding [elements that are] ahead of the curve,” he explains. “With the Clipse… with Snoop [Dogg]’s ‘Drop It like It’s Hot.’ That’s the kinda stuff I needed.”

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