Numerous rappers from J. Cole to B.o.B. have expressed their opinions in a myriad of ways about the recent killing of Michael Brown and the protests in Missouri. Today (August 18), Blurred Culture released a video comprised of a few more Hip Hop artists chiming in on the national news story.

Sporting a St. Louis Cardinals jersey with the name Mike Brown on the back, Killa Kyleon says rapper’s voices mean more then they think.

“I think rappers are getting away from the fact that their voice means something,” he said when asked about Michael Brown/Ferguson. “If I have a voice I’m going to say what I mean, mean what I say. They not teaching no more and I still want to let them know that being that I am a voice and that I have people watching me, people looking up to me as an artist that I’m going to represent and be real because being real means a lot to me… It shouldn’t take a Mike Brown for us to stand up and speak and tell the youth.”

Sage The Gemini also chimed in during the video. He says African Americans should represent themselves in a better manner than they currently do and keep the protests peaceful. 

“RIP to the young man, but as a people we should represent ourself way better than we are doing right now,” he said. “Breaking into places and stealing stuff and asking for peace afterwards? Come on now, you got to be preaching to the young, preach to the peers and tell them that we got to stick together for more positive situations… You got to keep this stuff peaceful–both ends.”

IAMSU! was last to speak on the video. He urges African Americans to unite and “build something together.”

“It’s a time for all of us to stick together,” he said, “especially Black people who are reacting out of passion. But we have to love each other and build something together.”

Sage The Gemini and IAMSU! are currently on the Under The Influence Tour. A Houston native, Killa Kyleon was brought out to perform a set during that stop.

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