During an interview with MTV News, Atlanta rapper T.I. revealed that his upcoming album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture will be part of a trilogy. He stated that there is too much music and the records are too diverse for all of his material to be placed on one project.

He later compared his upcoming album, which he described as “soulful,” to the likes of Jay Z’s The Blueprint and OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and Aquemini albums.

“This is a trilogy,” T.I. said. “We have decided to make this album a—This project, a trilogy. Because it was just too much music and too all over the place or too diverse to just kinda put it in one particular album at one time. Too much food for people to digest…We decided that we would kinda streamline this first album. And the sound sonically of this one is—It’s soulful, musical. Kinda like [Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik] or Aquemini or [The] Blueprint.”

T.I. also addressed fellow artist Young Thug’s verse on his record, “About The Money.” At one point in the interview, the Hustle Gang helmsman even referred to Thug’s “bustin’ out the bando” lyric as “the line of the century.”

“You know what? That particular verse — and maybe it was because I was in the studio with him — is probably the only one I’ve heard from [Young Thug] that immediately I knew what he was saying,” he said. “Just that particular verse…Bustin’ out the bando…That’s the line of the century.”

T.I. continued to speak on Young Thug in a separate interview with Rolling Stone. He credited the rapper for being dope and genuine and being unafraid to be different.

“He’s dope, he’s genuine, he’s a guy who doesn’t compromise his thoughts or feelings or expression for the popular vote,” T.I. said. “I think he dares to be different, regardless of who likes it or not. If what he presented to the world was exactly what he was when you met him, then that means he’d be exactly what everyone expects him to be. And I don’t know an artist that presents himself as being exactly what everyone expects him to be.

“He’s consistently finding new things to teach the industry about him,” the rapper added. “Everything is a surprise now. Oh, he wears extremely tight clothes. Then you meet him. Oh, well, he’s from the projects for real – he sounds just like my cousin who’s from the projects. And oh, he can really rap! He’s really talented. Everything is a surprise. Which makes it new, fresh, and exciting for the consumer.”

During his interview with Rolling Stone, T.I. was asked if anyone has ever told him that his artist, Iggy Azalea’s style of performing is “weird or abrasive.” He said that no one has approached him personally about the matter and then went on to speak on African Americans breaking down barriers compared to white artists doing the same.

“None that will say it to my face,” he said. “And if they would, they won’t get any hostility coming from me. I’m just going to approach it with logic and reason. Just explain yourself. Make this shit make sense to me, especially if they are a black person. Because black people have stood up for equality, for justice, for being treated fairly, for whatever they choose to do, and we have had to break down barriers in Caucasian dominated areas. From Tiger Woods in golf, to I’m sure there’s a black man somewhere playing hockey. And whenever it happens, it’s always the same thing. Black people are like, ‘That’s not fair. They’re not allowing them the same opportunities, just because of their color.’ So why would we stand in judgment, when someone else is in the same position we have found ourselves in, why would we not treat them the way that we want to be treated?”

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